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Many of us look skywards when we are born — towards the position of the planets at that specific place and moment of our birth. But very few of us ever make the time or find the opportunity to look down around us, at our roots and discover what connects us to our place upon the earth.

I t was typical English winter day — a blanket of white sky, gentle drizzle and the black bones of trees grasping upwards, towards a sun they couldn’t see. …

When we have a message to deliver and it’s via a live presentation we can take a little time over it, interact with the audience and visually see their engagement.

By no means should this mean you should waffle for 30 minutes - you still need to deliver value — but the point is, the audience have already committed to listen. They booked a slot in their diary, took the time out to travel to wherever you are delivering from and sat in front of you — you can’t get more committed than that!

On the other hand its very…

In the last post we talked about the moment we realised that whilst a live video experience was brining great results with clients, we also needed to provide them with a way to take it back with them.

As you may have guessed, we did. Although we went through various iterations.

The first actual videos we delivered were recordings of the live sessions. Our studio editor simply dialled into the recording software we used and, once the session was over, the recording was delivered into his inbox and forwarded over to the account manager.

The clients got the link the…

Video Helps Technology Centric Clients get Internal Traction

It was a rainy October and were in the studio with a coffee after finishing a live video experience to the CTO of one of the world’s most renown fashion houses.

Via Green-Screen we had just talked them through how they could improve their customer engagement with high wealth individuals who walked into their stores and how the data they received from these interactions with the Wi-Fi could help optimise their business operations.

I would love to add some images here, but the brand is very well known and my NDA is waving at me. So for now it will…

A few years ago, before we had set up the video programme, we used to run live video presentations from our Green-Screen for clients coming to visit our customer experience centre.

Just to clarify — this wasn’t someone standing in front of a PowerPoint slide and talking. It was a step into, quite literally, the client’s world.

We would plan not only a script based on the technology our Account Teams and System Engineers were pitching but also find location images specific to the client which were displayed behind us. …

In our habitually last-minute fashion my husband and I book our summer holidays 5 days in advance.

After hours of scanning the multitude of possibilities on Last Minute, Thomas Cook, basically all those OMG-Find-me-a-good-deal-now-I-need-a-holiday sites we had a sudden change of mind.

We decided on a surf camp.

Surf Camp

Star Surf, nestled among the hills of Cantabria’s national park, promised a week of surfing, yoga, SUP & beach Volley. Bell Tents became our bedrooms, swinging hammocks replaced sofas in our tree-shaded open living room with the rolling hills and beautiful beaches our new playground.

We were sold. The Surf

Our grandparents, also known as the silent generation born between 1928–1945, struggled to survive during the world wars and in their aftermath. They knew hard work and the reward was food and security.

Our parents, the Baby Boomers (potentially also Generation X), Born between 1946–1980 learnt how to work for what they had, often careers spanning decades in the same companies. They too knew how to work, many still in careers, and believed, in the main part, in gradual progression

Then There’s Us

The millennials, otherwise known as unicorns — basically awesome human beings (yes I am obviously massively biased), but we have…

The ‘mid-career slump’ is effectively that sudden realisation that what you do has absolutely no value to you, your last reserves of passion for the work have long since dried up and you are effectively bored.

We can guarantee that practically everyone has been here, you are not alone. So aside from feeling solace in numbers, what can you do?

Now, we are not going to tell you to just sack everything in, move to a different country and set up a beach bar. Although certainly an option, let’s face it, it isn’t realistic for the many of us who…

Jessie Pengilly

International communication expert, boundary re-definer and solution finder

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